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We produce material testing machines for every need

Important laboratories and large Italian and international industrial groups rely on CERMAC solutions on a daily basis with the utmost satisfaction, for a practical, effective and aware approach of the latest developments in test standards.
Universal Testing Machine UTM-H 1000kN

Universal Testing Machine – UTM-H Series

Universal testing machines, suitable for carrying out tensile and compression tests on high strength samples. Loads available from 600 to 2000 kN

Macchina UTM300E

Universal Testing Machine – UTM-E Series

Universal testing machines, suitable for performing mechanical tests on medium strength samples, available loads from 100 to 300 kN

UTM-E 200 kN

High temperature universal testing machine -
UTM-E Series

Universal testing machine, computerized, servo controlled, to perform high temperature tensile tests. Loads available from 100 to 300 kN

Macchina Trazione 2 kN

Desktop machines - UTM-D Series

Bench machines suitable for tests on plastic materials, fabrics, polymers etc, available loads from 0.1 to 20 kN

Impact Tester 450J

Charpy Impact tester - JB Series

Automatic motorized impact testing machine.

Energy ranges from 300 J to 750 J


Creep / Stress

Dedicated machines for high temperature Creep and Stress tests, semi-automatic or computerized.

Geo griglie

Hardware and software under control

From checking the status of the machine to calibration. From repair to installation and training. Our technicians intervene on call or by program, by signing specific subscription contracts, also for remote telephone technical support for software maintenance.
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