Machines design, assembly and production with
accessories for a wide range of laboratory tests as
tensile tests, resilience tests, stress and creep tests.
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A complete range of manual and automatic material testing machines with computerized and customizable interface.

Testing machines

Self-produced machines and equipment equipped with cutting-edge test data control and management technologies.

Testing System by CERMAC

Automatic control, acquisition and processing of tests, always in step with the most recent national and international reference regulations.

Testing tools

The CERMAC mechanical workshop, equipped with modern machining centers, grinding, EDM, hacksaws and lathes, carries out all the mechanical processing on site.

Products, services and assistance for an experience without surprises

We focus on customer needs, from design to production, from installation to service and maintenance.
Our structured approach includes:
  • many years of experience in testing which translates into efficient and long-lasting machines
  • constant technical and technological innovation as well as regulatory compliance
  • specialist multisectoral consultancy for each industrial sector
  • adequacy of design, production, software development and maintenance skills
I nostri Servizi

Cermac si prende cura del tuo parco macchine prova materiali per adeguarle ai tempi e alle normative vigenti.

Revamping, retrofit e upgrade

Le competenze e la maturata esperienza nel settore del testing, consentono a CERMAC di aggiornare le macchine, così da allungarne la vita utile produttiva, rispondendo al contempo ai più recenti requisiti normativi nazionali ed internazionali richiesti.
Scopri come aggiornare le tue macchine

Information technology plays a key role in guaranteeing a higher quality of the results of the mechanical tests and speed of response; Cermac employs a dedicated staff able to deal with customized software development.

Software Engineering

The care and willingness to meet the needs of customers testify to CERMAC's way of being, well represented, for example, by the many software customizations made over the years on traction testing machines equipped with computerized interfaces, an evident synthesis of the recognized approval of our brand. .
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Cermac is a design and production, services and consultancy company in the field of material testing machines.
The whole of this know-how contributes to making the test laboratory of client companies a competitive advantage.

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