Universal Testing Machine – UTM-E Series

Universal testing machines suitable for every need



Universal testing machine, computerized, able of tensile, compression, bending and bending tests.

  • Electromechanical universal testing machine.
  • Automatic, servocontrolled, coomputer controlled.
  • Digitally driven brushless motor for precise control of the test speed.
  • High accurancy load cell with option of tools that allows the verification and correction of the axial plane of load application.
  • Double test space.
  • TestingXE Computerized Control System.
  • Extremely quick and easy to replace test accessories.
  • Availability of numerous optional accessories to perform any type of test required.


Models UTM50E /UTM100E UTM200E / UTM300E UTM600E
Maximum load capacity 50 kN / 100 kN 200 kN / 300 kN 600 kN
Precision Class 0.5 from 2 % of full-scale ISO-7500
Travel Speed from 0.001 to 250 mm/min from 0.001 to 150 mm/min
Maximum pitch of the movable beam 700 mm / 27,55 inch 800 mm / 31,50 inch 600 mm / 23,62 inch
Vertical light maximum test area 500 mm / 19,69 inch 650 mm / 25,59 inch 550 mm / 21,65 inch
Text area width 360 mm / 14,17 inch 650 mm / 25,59 inch 800 mm / 31,50 inch
Overall size frame 1050 x 620 x h2050
41,34 x 24,41 x 80,71 inch
1250 x 720 x h2300
49,21 x 28,35 x 90,55 inch
1250 x 1225 x h3100
49,21 x 48,23 x 122,05 inch
Frame weight 850 Kg 1750 Kg 5000 Kg
Alimentation 1/2.5KW 400 VAC / 50 Hz / 3 Phases (5 poles) 7.5KW 400 VAC / 50 Hz / 3 Phases (5 poles)
Digital Resolution 24 bit / 1 Khz Converter


Tensile on steels ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8, ASTM A370, ISO 15630
High temperature tensile ASTM E21, ISO 6892-2, ISO 6892-3
Tensile on alloy tester ASTM B348, ASTM B557
Tensile on soldered metals ISO 4136, ISO 5178, ISO 5173
Tensile on castings and forgings ISO 3266, EN 818-X, EN 1677-X
Bending on metals tester ISO 7438, ISO 5173, ASTM E190, ASTM E290


The Computerized Testing Control System consists of a latest generation data logger, equipped with a microprocessor electronic module with TCP / IP network interface, capable of managing analog and digital signal inputs and outputs, using firmware and software developed by our IT department. . All the signals relating to the physical quantities coming from the electronic sensors of the machine (load cell and digital encoders), as well as those of the electronic strain gauges applied on the sample for direct measurements of the deformations of the material, are acquired in real time by means of an ADC converter with resolution up to 24bit and speed up to 1 Khz. The Software Testing, in particular, allows the introduction of the necessary test parameters, through insertion masks that can be adapted to the specific needs of the operator, to then proceed with the execution and display in real time of each test parameter. The results are acquired and stored in a database in a totally automatic way, so as to ensure their easy traceability for subsequent processing. Thanks to the test modules that can be completely customized by the user, it is possible to print graphically accurate documents, which can be used for both certification and archiving of internal minutes. The database can be shared on the network and the software can be used simultaneously on different PCs allowing the display and processing of test data from different workstations, with automatic and advanced functions for loading data and exporting results in accordance with the requests relating to Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Estensimetro clip-on
Standard electronic clip-on gage

Simple strument suitable for Rp and Elastic Modulus values measurement

Estensimetro clip-on
Miniaturized electronic clip-on gage

Simple instrument suitable for Rp and Elastic Modulus values measurement. Specific for samples and small spaces

Full automatic and motorized extensometer

Motorized, automatic instrument, suitable for values measuring of Rp, A, Agt and Elastic Modulus

Smart Video Estensimeter M5

Automatic instrument that can be used until the sample is broken, simultaneous survey of different measurement areas.

Geo griglie
Geotextile tests

Special equipment for tests on geotextiles and geogrids, horizontal inserted and with a constant tension.

Fiber and grids tests

Roller equipment for tests on fabrics and fibers.


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