High temperature tensile testing machine

High temperature tensile testing machine

UTM-E Series - High temperature tensile tests

Universal testing machine, computerized, servo controlled, to perform high temperature tensile tests.

  • Electromechanical operation by means of ball screws.
  • Digitally driven brushless motor for precise control of the test speed.
  • Load cell equipped with an accessory that allows the verification and correction of the axial plane of load application.
  • Double test space, tensile and compression.
  • TestingXE Computerized Control System.
  • Extremely quick and easy to equip the test accessories.
  • Availability of numerous optional accessories to perform any type of test required.




Model UTM100E UTM200E
Force range 100 kN 200 kN
Accurancy Classe 0.5 dal 2 % del fondo scala ISO-7500
Speed da 0.001 a 250 mm/min
Maximun travel 700 mm 800 mm
Test space heigth 500 mm 650 mm
Test space width 360 mm 650mm
Dimensions 1050 x 620 x h2050 1250 x 720 x h2300
Weigth 850 Kg 1750 Kg
Power 1/2.5KW 400 VAC / 50 Hz / 3Fase (5 poli)
Digital Resolution Adc converter  24 bit / 1 Khz


Trazione su Acciai ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8, ASTM A370, ISO 15630
Trazione ad alta temperatura ASTM E21, ISO 6892-2, ISO 6892-3
Trazione su Provini in Lega ASTM B348, ASTM B557
Trazione su Metalli Saldati ISO 4136, ISO 5178, ISO 5173
Trazione su Getti e Forgiati ISO 3266, EN 818-X, EN 1677-X
Piegatura su provini in Metallo ISO 7438, ISO 5173, ASTM E190, ASTM E290

Forno 1200 °C
Roung opening furnace

Round opening furnace developed for high temperature tensile test up to 1200°C, perfect thermal stability

Estensimetro traziioni a caldo
Elettronic contact extensometer HT5

Electronic contact strain gauge with ceramic arms for high temperature tensile tests. Configurable measuring base, adjustable sliding guide.

High temperature tools

Special heads for quick insertion, reversible, superalloy bushings suitable for use at high temperatures.

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