Excellence as a goal, since 1983

From craftsman to market leader

CERMAC today represents a well-established market reality and, thanks to the offer of quality products at competitive costs, it establishes itself as a real player able to compete in the field of advanced and performing material testing machines.

Our history


First steps

We start our business as Sider Metro Test, to satisfy the requests for maintenance, calibration and overhaul of laboratory test equipment, mainly traction machines, pendulums and durometers.


Change the name but not the story

The technical capabilities of manufacturing components and spare parts for upgrades, even of very dated equipment, and the maintenance service, lead Cermac to be perceived by customers as a reliable supplier and consultant.


From service to Cermac branded product

The need to satisfy a constantly expanding market sees CERMAC transform and specialize also in the production and sales of its own equipment. In those years, the already equipped workshop was further strengthened through a series of important investments including the machining center and other machine tools such as electroerosion, water cutting, grinding, hacksaws and lathes also with numerical control, necessary for the activity of production and assembly directly in its own factory.


The range of products and services offered grows

The range of machines and equipment made in the testing sector is consolidated, giving rise in 2012 to a large range of proposals, from electromechanical and hydraulic machines for tensile tests to those for dynamic stress tests. From Charpy pendulums to tube markers.
The range of accessories is also truly extended, such as mechanical and electronic strain gauges for tests on smooth, ribbed and stranded rods until breaking, systems for hot tests, sets for tests on bolts and bends, just to name a few In any case, all made taking advantage of both the experience gained and the suggestions of customers.


First ISO 9001 certification

In 2013 CERMAC was certified ISO 9001 in the field of design, revamping, assistance and marketing of machines for mechanical testing laboratories.


New headquarters and production increased

Due tothe development of the company and its organization, the company need for adequate space. So in the 2014 its transfer to its current headquarters.
The supplies of machines and equipment of its own production and marketing increase and, with them, the adoption of increasingly advanced technologies for the control and management of test data.


Cermac testing systems

The CERMAC Testing System and the related software, developed internally for the control, acquisition and automatic processing of tests, are subject to continuous and new releases over time, always in step with the most recent national and international test standards of reference.
In 2014, the introduction in the Testing System of the brand new SB-Rio (National) stand-alone electronic board for TCP-IP communication, which allows CERMAC to successfully satisfy customers and the growing requests for automation and upgrades even on other machines. brand.


ISO 9001:2015 certification

In 2016, also the most recent ISO 9001:2015 conformance was recognized.The range of accessories was also extended, such as mechanical and electronic strain gauges for tests on smooth, ribbed and stranded rods up to failure, systems for hot tests, test sets on bolts and bend, just to name a few; in any case, all made taking advantage of both the experience gained and the suggestions of customers.


Web and digital activities open their doors

CERMAC's approach to the market is renewed and, in 2018, the new website,, is launched


employees between skilled workers and assistance center


years of experience in the testing machine industry


countries where we have distributed our products


test machines built and installed in the last 24 months

We are the ideal partner for companies that, in addition to a reliable product, are looking for a flexible and innovative supplier.


CERMAC today represents a consolidated reality that aspires to be recognized by the reference market as a real player, able to compete in the context of the construction of advanced and performing test machines.


CERMAC firmly believes in customer relationship and loyalty.
Listening, acting, satisfying the client's requests.
Create new customized products or intervene on ``dated`` machines. Provide prompt and qualified assistance and maintenance service.


Transparency, fairness, correctness, integrity, trust, research for continuous improvement, innovation, practicality: these are the founding values of CERMAC on which the company has consolidated and on which it intends to persevere in the future.


CERMAC offers its services mainly on the European country . CERMAC’s target market is represented by companies that have laboratories within them for carrying out tests on materials (forging, steel mills, etc.), and by laboratories authorized to carry out tests on building materials. The company has many collaborations with schools and universities. The main products supplied are tensile testing machines, impact tester, hardness tester and equipment to support the use of these machines. The supply of software for the execution of the tests, created and configured on the customer’s requests, is also very important.

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